Terms of Sale Corksribas

Direct – General Terms and Conditions of Use/Sale:

  • Minimum overall order quantity - from the Container Section of Corksribas Direct is one 20’ container (Note: You may order a lesser quantity than full loads, but the full freight and other fixed import costs per shipment are for your account – and in many cases shipping "light" containers still makes financial sense.)
  • You can mix and match in full pallet increments any of the SKUs listed on this site – which can then be combined in the same container. The minimum order increment of any one item is a full pallet.
  • Access to the Corksribas Direct Website does NOT constitute a right to purchase from Corksribas Direct. Corksribas Direct reserves the final right to decide whom to offer these products to under this program and at this pricing.
  • Warranties – Corksribas Direct provides you with the Pre-installation Warranty while Corksribas Portugal, as the Manufacturer, provides you with the Post Installation Warranty. See the individual warranties listed with each SKU for full details. Also see the Corksribas Direct After-Sale Support section.
  • All Container Pricing – is based on CAD Terms of Sale, which means payment terms are Cash Against Documents, with payment due approximately 1 week before goods arrive in U.S. port against the copy of the shipping and commercial documents. If you require terms, you will need to apply for credit and be found credit insurable. There will be a price increase of 4% for N/15 Days Terms to cover our increased credit insurance and finance costs.
  • Pricing Delivered – Corksribas Direct strives to provide current and accurate estimates online for all the costs associated with buying and delivering a product to your door – but these are just online estimates. When you indicate your interest in buying a product, Corksribas Direct issues you a formal Sales Order after reviewing your order and, if necessary, adjusting costs. This Sales Order becomes our Firm Quote for the product you are interested in. It may vary slightly from the online estimate (hopefully it will be slightly less, which is the way we designed the system). You then will be requested to issue your Purchase Order to accept the Corksribas Direct Sales Order.
  • Corksribas Direct shall NOT be held responsible for any inaccurate online estimates given the myriad of elements that change frequently such as supplier costs, duty rates, shipping costs, and/or mistakes due to human error in entering costs.
  • Prices and Delivery Dates as set forth on the Corksribas Direct Sales Order are subject to the following conditions:
    1. Delivery: All delivery dates quoted are approximate. Corksribas Direct shall not be held liable for any losses due to delays in shipment/ delivery caused by accident, labor disturbance, lack of shipping facility, port strikes, truck strikes, vessel sailing schedule changes or delays, mill delays, material shortages, acts of God, customs and agriculture department inspections, etc., which are beyond Corksribas Direct’s control.
    2. Duty Rates: Should duty rates change after shipping the goods as a result of any new governmental duties or other such charges imposed upon the shipment, Corksribas Direct reserves the right to request these costs be added to your invoice. You then have the right to decline the shipment with the newly added costs without penalty. Should you decline to accept the new costs, Corksribas Direct then has the right to resell the container elsewhere.
    3. Future Product Availability: All products listed on Corksribas Direct are based on reasonable ongoing availability. For Corksribas Direct, reasonable availability means: for Running Line Products, typical manufacturing lead times range from 3 weeks to 9 weeks plus shipping time. However, Corksribas Direct does NOT guarantee ongoing product availability nor lead times to be within these time frames given the constantly changing production backlogs and raw material availability for an item.