Payment Options

Corksribas USA values you as a customer. And just as we strive to meet our obligations in supplying/servicing your orders in a timely manner, we ask that you in turn pay us in the time frame you agreed to when placing your order on

All buyers must complete a Corksribas USA credit application prior to us accepting your order.

To well-rated Accounts – For pre-approved accounts, Corksribas USA  sells on the following terms, one of which must be chosen AT THE TIME YOUR ORDER IS PLACED:

  1. For Containers:
    1. Cash Against Documents (CAD) Terms – All pricing listed on assumes the customer is paying by CAD terms. Under CAD terms, the customer agrees to pay for the goods when we provide the customer with an invoice, packing list, and copy of the Bill of Lading while the goods are on the water. Customers then pay while the goods are on the water, which is typically approximately 10 days prior to physical delivery. (Corksribas USA can provide numerous customer references from customers who are utilizing CAD terms.)
    2. Net Upon Delivery – For well-rated and insurable accounts, Corksribas USA offers Net Terms for an upcharge of 2%.
    3. Net/15 Days after Delivery – For well-rated and insurable accounts, Corkribas USA offers Net 15 Days terms for an upcharge of 4%.
  2. For special orders of custom items and/or specially packaged items, Corksribas USA reserves the right to require deposits, even from well-rated accounts for these type of orders.

To New Accounts – or less than well-rated Accounts:

  1. All first orders shall require a 25% deposit with PO, and the balance shall be paid CAD.
  2. On subsequent orders for well-rated accounts, the terms listed above are available.

Late Payments – Should a customer elect (or be required) to pay CAD but fail to pay in a timely manner, Corksribas Direct reserves the right to:

  1. Add the correct upcharge of 2% or 4% based on the actual payment date after delivery, and
  2. Add an additional 1.5% per month for late payments beyond the promised payment date, and
  3. Add to the invoice any additional costs it incurs such as moving the container, stripping the container at port, and any related demurrage and storage charges when securing the container as a result of a non-timely CAD payment, and
  4. Should you not pay CAD terms within 15 days of your selected CAD payment due date, Corksribas reserves the right to invoice you for the upcharges and sell the container elsewhere. Upon sale of the container, should you have a deposit with us against this container, Corksribas shall refund the deposit less the upcharges listed above and less any additional losses we incur in having to sell these goods below the sell price you agreed to pay for the container. Or at its sole discretion, Corksribas reserves the right to require you to accept and pay for the container as agreed per your Purchase Order and in addition to the other fees listed above, pay for reasonable collection costs and attorney’s fees.

Payment Methods – Corksribas prefers payments by Wire Transfer or ACH. Timely payment by check sent via Fedex/UPS may also be accepted by Corksribas.